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Hi everyone. Welcome to my Live Global, Healthy and Wealthy website!

Health has been my passion since my childhood. I was curious to know why people get sick and tried my best to help patients although I was too small to do something tangible. I remember asking my mom if it will happen the time when there will be no sick people; she smiled at me and quietly responded “When we will go to Heaven”.

After graduating from the school of health sciences I served in my community health center and then in the national referral hospital. Further, I went to a public health school to learn more about how better we can prevent, mitigate diseases and help recover in case one falls sick.

Now I want to give back to the community.

Throughout my education and working experience, I learned a lot about health. My 20 years in urban area and more than 10 years working in a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment served me as my university without walls, and I learned a lot in business, lifestyle and many life tips.

I am sure your will enjoy reading and interacting with your peers and experts. Here we talk about health, lifestyle, business and entertainment.

A little story about my experience with Health and Business

I trained as a Global Health Leader and a Public Health professional, This after I graduated from a nursing school in 2001. I have more than a decade of blended experience in health care delivery, health promotion and education, start-ups and project management, and health research.

My 10 years experience in business extends from digital business to network marketing. After finding out that customers deserve timely, affordable and seamless access to daily life products without middlemen between them and manufacturer, I ventured into a network marketing industry in 2007 and I still do it. This industry was proved to cut products prices while boosting customers satisfaction.

Why I want to help people

Knowledge is universally accessible. In health field, a part from medications that need medical prescription, health products such as food supplements and enhancers should be accessible.

There are multiple manufacturers out there that use distributors to ensure market penetration and awareness about their products benefits. On the other side, busy customers do not have time to regularly consult nutrition specialists or physician on the health diet specific to their conditions.

I am offering to bridge that gap in access to knowledge publishing experts pieces of advice here and giving platform to readers to interact with specialists/experts.

The goal of this site

The purpose of this site is to educate readers on health and wealth to ensure healthy populations and financially independent individuals.

We aim to increase access to knowledge to global community, to empower them with basic skills needed to attain individual goals, and provide tips guiding behavioral and practice change in health and wealth aspects.

This will be achieved through well-searched and regular posting of information written by experts in respective fields and reviewed by recognized scholars.

If your ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help your out.

All the best,

Theoneste Nkurunziza

Founder Live Global.com

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