The top 5 things you must to give up to be Successful

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The person you are is a results of what you feed your mind with and may be different from what you could have become. This is the reality of persons out there who dream big and yet they never achieve their dreams. Sometime to become successful and yet closer to that person you were born to be you don’t need to add more things onto your list; sometime you have to de-learn some of the negative programming you have got at the moment.

Below are 5 things to give up if you want to develop to be successful and be that person you were born to be. Please take note but most importantly take action.

1. Give up the short term mindset

Successful people set long-term goals and they know the fact that these aims are merely the results of short-term habits that they need to do every single day. And what they realized is that they did it to dream big but they break down small and they have these many ways every single day.

One the other hand broke (Unsuccessful) people have short-term mindset and do everything short-term. For example, they believe in get-rich-quick, they believe they won’t solve further and surrender themselves in magical power that reportedly would solve all their issues; while successful believe that it’s daily habit, the things you do every single, those micro-increments that what makes the biggest difference in the long term.

2. Give up playing small

If you never try and grab the opportunity in front of you, if you never go out there and speak your truth and do what you boldly want to do –not what your parents/friends/neighbors say you need to do, you are not make it to success.  But the moment you take ownership of the ship you are sailing, and not consider what others speak of you; the moment you become the captain not the victim: that’s when your life truly changes.

Give up playing small, dream big, create it big, treat your life like Olympian; whatever it takes push and punch yourself as you realized that winners run through the finish line. There are going to be the days when you feel down –of course everybody does, but the ones who actually put it big, the ones who get out and run through the finish line, are the ones who win.

3. Give up excuses

This is really what separate losers from winners. The winners always come up with reasons why they can, and losers always come out with reasons and gossips why they can’t. They will tell themselves “you know my history, you know what I have been through […], always because of this and that. Ooh I haven’t got the time, I haven’t got the money, I haven’t got the right resources, …” It does not matter; give up excuses. If you haven’t got the money find the money; there are investors all around you, everyone is looking for investment opportunities. If you are looking for money get creative, find the money, as you are never lacking resources, you are only lacking your resourcefulness. If you truly want to become successful become resourceful and give up your excuses.

4. Give up your need to be liked

This is very important even though weird! If you are forever trying to be liked and to please everybody, you are never going to be successful. If you look at every great leader on this planet they are willing to stand up for their own truth, not their neighbor’s truth, not their friend’s truth, their own truth. Not what their parents say; but what they want to say.

This is the importance of giving up the need to be liked. And what you will find out is that the people who dislike you are going begin to hate you once you do this; but the people who like you are going to begin to love you.

If you look at any of the leaders, role models that that you follow online or any other people you admire they are all willing to speak their own truth. They have given up the need to be liked and they are just living their life and amplifying what they believe in. Therefore, you need to do the same to become successful.

5. Give up toxic people

Spend your precious time with people who are born winners, spend time with people who can put out with anything else that is above average, and you will become the same. If you hang out with toxic people, or if you hang around with losers you are going to become losers. And if you hang around with winners you are going to become winner as well. They are going to inspire you, encourage you and feed you with productive ideas. You are the average of five people you spend most time with.

Take a round and look at the people in your social circle, if they are living your dream life then you are going to reach your dream life; otherwise drop them.

Hang out with people who are beyond yourself. Join networking parties/events, take a coffee from a high class hub where successful people are likely to gather; be open, cultural competent and kind, and connect with like-minded people. Further, the easiest way to connect with successful people is to reach out to a mentor who can guide you through her/his successful path. Give up toxic and average mindset people and replace them with people who are born winners and you will find that you will soon or later become successful.

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